The agreement

Like all good contracts there have to be some rules. The agreement lays down all the guidelines for the household.  It covers your safety, payment of licence fee, payment of bills, house rules, etc.  


As we will be sharing together we will want to ensure that you are who you say you are. We will require a copy of your passport, driving licence, bank and current employer reference. We will also carry out a professional credit check again for proof of identity.


Currently no Landlord’s insurance company will insure the contents of any tenant or licensee. A condition of you moving into the house is that you provide your own insurance for your own contents and against damage to the property as far as it is possible to do so under a standard tenants insurance policy.

We do not recommend any specific tenants insurance however it is similar to student accommodation which is designed for shared houses. We like the advice that is given on the Money Advice Service. A web search on the phrase “single room insurance shared house” gives a range of options.