There are several bedrooms in the house which vary in character and size as you would expect from a house that is 250 years old. Each maintains its own character and each has to be seen to see if it fits your needs.

Each room has broadband installed and amplified TV signal onto which you can put a freeview box.  Satellite cabling is installed to all rooms and provides two points via twinax cable to each room – one for viewing and one for recording while viewing. The satellite dishes point to Astra2 and Hotbird.  A Sky box works perfectly but there are many other options available.



The rooms in the house  

Bedroom Size Description/Photos Location
Bedroom 1 10.27 m2 Bedroom 1 Photos First Floor
Bedroom 2 10.38 m2 Bedroom 2 Photos First Floor
Bedroom 3 10.38 m2 Bedroom 3 Photos First Floor
Bedroom 4 8.46 m2 Bedroom 4 photos First Floor
Bedroom 5 13.56 m2 Bedroom 5 photos First Floor
Bedroom 6 10.9 m2 Bedroom 6 Photos First Floor
Bedroom 7 12.5 m2 Bedroom 7 Photos First Floor
Bedroom 8 13 m2 Bedroom 8 Photos First Floor
Studio Bedroom 15.23 m2 Studio Bedroom photos First Floor
Garden Bedroom 1 13 m2 Garden Bedroom 1 Photos Ground Floor
Garden Bedroom 2 12.5 m2 Garden Bedroom 2 Photos Ground Floor
Reception Bedroom 1 10.27 m2 Reception 1 Photos Ground Floor
Playroom Bedroom  7.8 m2 Playroom Photos Ground Floor
Reception Bedroom 2 10.3 m2 Reception 2 Photos Ground Floor
Dining Bedroom 9.79 m2 Dining Bedroom photos (because it used to be a dining room) Ground Floor
Utility Bedroom 9.79 m2 Utility Bedroom Photos Ground Floor