The original house is believed to have been built about 250 years ago but has had many improvements over the years. The house is listed on the local authority records as of local historic interest and retains much of its historic interest externally.

The house is let to professional males and females on a standard agreement.  Occupants are chosen by the owner and the other occupants of the house.  As the house is shared we will be looking for similar minded people to those already in the house – those that don’t mind sharing with other people, those who want to get to know other people, perhaps sometimes to socialise or eat with them or just have a chat in the garden without invading each other’s space.  The covered patio area is a great place to sit and chat.

The owner believes that in offering the best quality accommodation he will have the best occupants.  The house, therefore, is subject to an ongoing program of improvement and upgrade.  Each year a significant part of the income is invested back into the house to improve it in some way.  This is done in a way to minimise any potential disruption to the occupants.  It must be remembered that maintenance is at the availability of the people doing the work and we sometimes have to fit in with their schedules rather than ours.



In order to ensure that he is fully conversant with all the current legislation concerning property the owner is a member of the National Landlords Association, The Residential Landlords Association and iHowz (formerly Southern Landlords Association). These are independent bodies run by landlords across the UK to encourage good landlords and influence government regulation. The owner hopes that this will give you confidence to know that your best interests as an occupant are always at heart of everything that happens in the house.


The house about ten minutes walk from Bagshot train station. The exact location is can be found be referring to the Streetmap. Postcode is GU19 5DS.  Ascot is one stop from Bagshot station to the north.  To the south Camberley is one stop, Frimley is 2 stops, Ash Vale is 3 stops, Aldershot is 4 stops and Farnham is 5 stops.  You can download a train map from South Western Railway Network here.


There is a large parking area to the side of the house. In the event that we run out of space there is ample free parking for cars within 2 minutes walk of the house. Bicycles and motor bikes can be parked at the front of the house.  Bikes can be secured to security eye-hooks on the walls around the house with chains.

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Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Sir Father Porter’s cheerful enthusiasm and keen interest in historical Bagshot is greatly to be welcomed.
Parker’s casual remark in “Highways and Byways of Surrey” that “Dick Turpin is said to have used the King’s Arms and Golden Farmer,” and similar handbooks which only superficially deal with this district, have been followed more recently by novels, play and particularly, films tending to make an improbable legen into accepted “history.” Read More